Stay Top In Lead Funnel- Real estate marketing Book- 47 Smart techniques

Stay Top In Lead Funnel- Real estate marketing Book- 47 Smart techniques

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Real estate marketing is similar to any other marketing, the only challenge being that all your leads are scattered. Sometimes as a marketer, I feel every lead leads us to Real estate sales.

Unfortunately, we don’t know How to discover this Lead and How to use it to our advantage.

In my view, even a Prospect who does not purchase from us can give us a lead. In a sense, he may refer to another person of his friend interested in our product. Many a time, we don’t make an effort to ask for a lead.

Lead funnel- critical aspect in Real estate

Real estate marketing- Lead funnel

The critical aspect in Real estate marketing is that you need to identify the strategy called product-prospect fit. It may look like new terminology, but still, it is nothing but defining and discovering your target group who can afford your product.

Several products are there in the Real estate Industry, in the residential segment.

I have covered only residential properties, focusing on the Indian Real estate Industry (Residential properties in particular).

Although the strategy is shared specific to the Indian Real estate Industry, there is no harm in trying it globally. As we all know, the fundamental of marketing remains the same, except for tweaking the strategy based on the contextual needs.

Think global and act local, and prospects and customers are the same everywhere.

Lead funnel-Offline & Online lead generation methods ( 47 methods explained in this book )

Book available globally in Kindle Stay Top In Lead Funnel

The Book covers both offline and online avenues for Lead generation. These are proven and tried out strategies, with a word of caution that not all strategies work out for all types of Real estate products.

But you can test the waters, as any strategy is not complete unless you test it out.

Maybe you can spend less and understand the impact. You may continue to use it based on response as the analytics and outcome of the strategy matter.

The segmentation in Real estate properties is typically affordable, semi-luxury, and luxury and ultra-luxury products & their price tags varying from 15 lakhs to premium homes of 4 to 5 crores.

Owing to my on-the-job experience, I had tried out various strategies in this and found to generate a reasonably good number of leads.

So, as this Book concentrates more on Lead generation, I have covered the marketing of Real estate properties with various strategies for generating leads.

Another myth is that only online works and offline does not work. In my opinion, it is not the case with Real estate marketing.

It is just contextual, and it varies based on Property, Inventory, and strategy.

The next step on this is ‘lead to closing the sale,” a vast topic that is not part of this Book. But, maybe shortly, I would like to dive deeper into that if time permits and enlist various sales closing processes and best customer experiences for quicker sales conversions.

you can also read my other blogs for more information. One relevant contents for reading with respect to lead funnel is below

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Lead funnel – different campaigns

In addition to strategies here, I am sure the readers from the industry may have more to add to this.

But still, the beginning is essential in creating the leads. So, the Book is written with this purpose to go ahead and try every avenue and tweak your campaigns and micro strategies based on your product portfolio.

I am sure you will find the contents interesting and feel free to suggest improvisation on the same and share your feedback on how much of the same is helpful to you.

Lead funnel – what are the methods of lead generation in Real estate?

This book will be of use to anyone who is connected with Real estate sales & marketing

I think you might like this book – “Stay Top In The Lead Funnel: •47 Proven methods for Real estate lead generation • Usage of online and offline strategies •Become an Expert in Lead generation” by Eeswa M.

Lead funnel – ( Book Title – Stay Top In Lead Funnel)
About the author

Eeswa  is the author for Stay at the top of the lead funnel ” a Sales and marketing professional, and worked in Real estate Industry for two decades with Leading companies as Sales Head.

He is passionate about Training and currently acting as a Real-estate coach for companies. He is graduated from the college of engineering, Guindy and has acquired certifications in IIM Calcutta in strategic Management and Digital social media marketing.

He visits accredited Institutions for Guest lectures and works as visiting faculty in various Management Institutes. He also advises start up companies for Growth strategies and works closely with companies requiring Digital transformation.

He is a native of Chennai and loves writing in Tamil also. You can visit him online at

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