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How to make a sales follow up call

In the last blog, we discussed, How to write a sales follow up email and some tips on the same. please find the link below, if you have not read my last blog, for continuity


We discussed the first scenario, where you did not have the number and only the email id was with you. Today we will discuss, as a next step How do you make the follow-up calls when you have the contact number.

How to make a sales follow up call- Background

As we have already discussed, the follow up can be done in many different ways and the most common methods are calling by phone and contacting by email.

As per Industry statistics, 80% of sales follow up requires a minimum of 5 follow up emails and multiple telephonic calls for closure or even to get NO as a  response.

How to make a sales follow up call
How to make a sales follow up call

Many sales guys are apprehensive about follow-ups and still seasoned sales guys are fearful of a follow-up call, just because they feel it annoys and irritates the customer. even in Sales meetings they lie to Mangers that they have given a call or reminder. But most of the time they are hesitant to give a follow-up call.

But here the important aspect is, it is better to follow up and get an annoying response, instead of sitting quietly. In that way, you may be losing a potential sale. It is also true that it is just an imagination that customers get irritated when you give them a follow-up ring. Not when you fix an appointment or send an SMS before you call. For that matter not after three of four days gap.

How to make a sales follow up call- The process

  • Always plan and schedule your call, and plan your call based on the availability and convenience of customers. If you know his schedules and moods you can call him accordingly. Otherwise, send for understanding his convenient time as a text message ad then plan your call schedule accordingly
  • Before you make a call, Be prepared on what to speak. Take notes and keep them on your laptop or pad, so that you can see when you make a call to respective customers.
  • Try your best to get your answers for whatever questions you had intended to ask from the prospect during the call.
  • when you speak find the mood of the prospect, and understand the context and speak accordingly. If he/she says busy don’t ask or make any request to extend the conversation. Keep the conversation pleasant and lively
  • On the other hand, If the customer has questions, clarify then and there – if you are unable to give immediate answers, clarify that you will get back shortly.
  • while concluding, summarize the discussions in brief ad confirm again his requirements in case he/she has asked for more info. Also do not forget to ask him for the next follow up call, date and time
  • After finishing the call send a thank you note with answers for customer queries or as a recap of the call by mail or a text message., in case you are busy.
How to make a sales follow up call- conclusion

The closures are sitting inside follow up calls and the Jackpot is very much inside. So always consider follow up as the most essential part of your daily routines and follow the best follow up strategy as part of your routines and never miss it at any cost, if you want to be at the top of the Bookings list. A follow-up call is progressive, it means you are in the right direction for a site visit or a closure.

Meantime you want more relevant information and more tips on follow up calls, Please visit some interesting link below.



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