50 Sure-fire habits for Real estate Top sales Managers-How to plan your lead conversion goals

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How to plan your lead conversion goals


In the last blog, we discussed The art of storytelling in detail as a sure-fire habit. If you have not heard about it, click the link belowhttps://www.digikabali.com/2021/05/28/the-art-of-story-telling-in-real-estate/ to know more about it before you go to the next sure-fire habit of

How to plan your lead conversion goals.

How to plan your lead conversion goals- Background

For any successful sales Manager, one of the sure-fire habits is to understand his target and check his logbook, for a number of potential leads at any point in time.

He should also apply his mind, and explore on How to Plan your Lead conversion Goals?

In real estate, this becomes highly critical as the competition is severe and we need to plan our goals to reach our target figures.

As we know a good number of Hot leads always puts you in an advantageous position, even though it is Company’s responsibility to give you enough leads in your sales funnel. Sometimes you may have a dry run on Bookings, as the campaigns may fall flat or competition may have beaten you down.

A wise sales manager will always ensure at any cost, ensures an optimum lead funnel so that he can convert the prospects for minimum performance levels. While this may be true and applicable for a mediocre or average sales guy, This may not be acceptable if you want to be always a Super Sales Manager.

Trust you will agree with me.

Top sales managers are proactive and will be able to guess their dry run and will charge themselves for filling up the lead funnel or take it up with marketing.

Is there a way out. Yes, there is, But it is not magic, But simple planning wherein you always plan your leads, site visits and conversions and concentrate on the metrics.

unfortunately, this is a daily phenomenon and never a monthly, weekly or one-time process.

Any sales Manager, who works in this methodology will be definitely aTop sales Manager

Three basic components to plan and set your goals are WITHOUT FAIL and always keep a tab on these numerics will make you spring into action for a Proactive approach.

This may even trigger you to find out other avenues of generating your own leads and will make you less dependent on the company lead basket. Anyhow, How to make your own lead generation ?- we will discuss in the forthcoming blogs and it is the failure-proof shield for a Top sales manager eventually.

For now – we will discuss

How to plan your lead conversion goals- Metrics

The top sales Manager always gets into the daily habit of starting the day to understand his lead portfolio.

  1. Number of leads at any point time you have in your account
  2. Number of site visits – planned and confirmed
  3. Expected conversions from the site visits in the pipeline

while every number to this depends on your monthly targets, the objective is to plan for 25% excess in all the items above which remains a backup for you to achieve your figures.

How to plan your lead conversion goals- Industry averages

  1. Qualified Lead to site visit will be 10%
  2. Site visits to the conversion will be 15% to 20%
  3. Leads to the Bookings will be 1 to 3 %

While the above percentages are not perfect, but the averages may vary depending on the degree of qualified leads.

How to plan your lead conversion goals- Projections

This gives us an idea, or do we need to align our leads and conversions based on our monthly target, wherein we go backwards to calculate

  1. How many qualified leads do we need to have?
  2. How many site visits we need to arrange?
  3. How many conversions are estimated?

Your estimated conversions = 125% of your targetĀ 

If you are a Team Head, you need to plan for the whole team members and review their performance on a weekly basis. You can look for some additional information in the link below


we will take this discussion further with a numerical calculation for a better understanding in the next blog. stay tuned for the surefire habit.

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