100 smart selling approach to residential sales-10 powerful ideas to get prospects to open your mail

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10 powerful ideas to get prospects to open your mail


In the last blog, we discussed the https://www.digikabali.com/2021/05/28/100-smart-selling-approach-to-residential-sales-why-dont-prospective-customers-respond-to-emails/reasons why customers do not open our email. read for more info here.

10 powerful ideas to get prospects to open your mail- Challenges

You put time and effort and design an excellent mail and send it to your prospect and mail lands in his promotion folder or spam, and the customer never even sees the mail.

The customer receives the mail and considers as one more marketing mail and ignores it.

The customer is not bothered to reply to your mail.

All these are frustrating moments, especially when you are in a target, and need to do follow-ups and close at least one or two Bookings.

Can we do something about this?

Well, there are prospects who never read mail, and there are prospects who read and don’t reply. You cannot do much about them.

But you can definitely use few techniques, where you can make the prospect open the email and respond also.

10 powerful ideas to get prospects to open your mail- Tips

we will list hereĀ  10 powerful ideas to get prospects to open your mail are as follows.

  1. Always make your emails in simple text format not exceeding 15 lines including greetings and conclusion, avoid pictures as far as possible.
  2. Create a Powerful subject line addressing the person by his name, followed by a powerful subject, say for example Hi. Arun, your friend has booked and referred you.
  3. Don’t use ready-made templates, create your own format and make it look natural
  4. Do not push emails in mass blocks, rather send in small bunches say daily around three to five emails together.
  5. Try to avoid attachments in the first contact emails to customers as some of the corporate or Institutional servers filter emails with attachments if it comes from unknown email id
  6. These days people see emails from ipads and mobile phones more than laptops and desktops. Design your email body copy to be as brief as possible.
  7. Create authority in email and genuine about expressing yourself. Your name, designation, role and expertise.
  8. Make sure you close your mail with a smart response question, so that customer finds easy to answer.
  9. end your email with a sign-off
  10. Please make a sign-off, thanking him nicely and ensure you make a phone call after few days on the receipt of your mail.

10 powerful ideas to get prospects to open your mail- Conclusion

if you are looking at more resources, you can read hereĀ https://drexel.edu/goodwin/professional-studies-blog/overview/2018/October/12-tips-for-writing-effective-emails/

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