100 smart selling approach to residential sales- Powerful sales email structure

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Powerful sales email structure

Hi as we discussed in the last blog on the sales email template https://www.digikabali.com/2021/05/22/100-smart-selling-approach-to-residential-sales-sales-sales-email-template-that-gets-a-response/, we’ll dive deeper into it in this blog about each and every aspect of the Powerful email structure.

Powerful sales email structure- components

As we have studied are the seven components, which are useful in devising a powerful sales email, in our last blog, we will discuss the same in detail below

  1. Greetings – to address personally the prospect ( Must)
  2. Compelling subject description
  3. Powerful opening line
  4. Informative  body copy
  5. Conclude with a call for action  message and reasons
  6. End with your company professional signature and graphic logo
  7. To add one more as usage – Standardise template it across the sales team

Powerful sales email structure- components- Greetings

  1. Greetings – to address personally the prospect ( Must)

Before you start your email, addressing is most important, which we all call greetings.

You need to ensure that the greetings are pleasant and memorable. We always use the Dear Mr/Ms, which are boring and routine email greetings. You can think of some other alternatives.

The good alternatives you can think of can be

  • Hi ( first name)
  • Hi  (Good morning/Good afternoon/ First name )
  • Hi (Happy day/  First name )

but keep in mind make the correct spelling, and if you have any doubts check your sales diary or enquiry form or even customers social media page. It is important that you should spell his/her name correctly. If you do not know his name, and you are just sending a bulk email campaign, you can use Hi there, which is informal as well as ok, if you don’t know the prospects name.

Hi Goodmorning/good afternoon and good evening are a little formal, but here also you need to cautious about the spellings and pronounce the name correctly.

The “happy day” is also an alternative compared to your regular Good morning greetings and need not be specific about morning/ afternoon and evening. Kind of convenient as we don’t know when the customer might open your email.

Powerful sales email structure-subject

The subject is very important as most of us do not read contents once we see the subject line, so it is important that we write the subject lines compelling so that the reader opens the sea and further spends few minutes at least reading our email.

At the same time, you cannot have cheating lines as complaining, just to make sure that the customer reads the content. This may be damaging to you and o your company. But a reasonably nice subject line expressing genuine may trigger the customer to read your email.

The subject lines actually decide the fate of the email to some extent in other words, it does not reach the spam folder or not getting deleted, if you have a compelling subject line.

it should differentiate the normal email subject lines and should stand out., and it should have an element of creativity. Most salespeople feel that emails are never read.

But I beg to differ in this if you spend some time designing a beautiful subject line.

Powerful sales email structure-SAMPLE subject lines ( for understanding)
  • Emotion is very much appreciated, so you can add an emoji in the subject line suiting the occasion and contents of your email, which will be attractive
  • Add a thought-provoking question; start with the recipient’s name and put a question for example
  • Hi.Mr.Ramesh Are you looking for a budget-friendly Branded property
  • Hi. Mr.Ram  We have a limited offer if you enquire in the 24 hours
  • Hi. Mr Manveer Are you looking for a property on lower floors and east-facing
  • Hi, Mr Daniel, Are you looking for a property which is nearer to IT Park
  • Hi Ms Aruna Are you looking for a good  rental yield for the next 5 years
  • Hi Mr Kumar Did you find the right property are you looking for – fill this simple questionnaire to get you details in 24 hours

Like this, there can be many, and creativity is yours, try these, in one of your email subject lines, you may get a response.

Powerful sales email structure-Opening line

Again many of us do not write a powerful opening email line. when it comes to making a

Powerful sales email structure.

This makes a lot of difference, as we all know, once the subject line is powerful, the prospect looks for the next to read at least few lines of your email.

You may think, it is not true.

But I am telling you that psychology is what counts here, you need to play around with customer psychology and do it in incremental steps.

The powerful opening lines, few for your sample which you can use it depending on the context

Powerful sales email structure-SAMPLE opening lines ( for understanding)
  • What do you think about our site visit yesterday
  • Did you like the Property specifications
  • I am sure you had gone through our Return on Investment details in your property
  • I knew you did not have time to go through our Cutting edge construction technology details
  • I would like to tell you that a few of your friends have purchased in our property
  • I am sure you saw our inside of our aspirational flat

Powerful sales email structure-Body copy

Generally, the body copy becomes a crus like all others and it should connect the prospect to your property. You need to keep this in less than 10 to 15 lines. always writing a brief is going to be the key as no one in this world is going to spend time reading a story.

Make the best value proposition, and if possible put an infographic in the body copy or a short video in the body copy, self-starting with 2 to 3 minutes of playtime.

If you do not have any such material, you can write just a value proposition stating that why he or she should invest in your property with few bullet points which are super powerful.

so you may incorporate the body copy with

Powerful sales email structure-Body copy subject contents( for understanding)
  • The short and smart video which will autoplay
  • Short para – not exceeding 10 to 15 lines with powerful bullet points of the value proposition
  • Smart infographics of the project on benefits and perceived value and customer testimonial

Avoid general statements like ours is one of the best property, award-winning etc.

we will discuss the balance components on closing the email and signing off. In the meantime, if you have time, you can spend few minutes with the below link, to understand the best email closing statements. I found it interesting.


Otherwise, no worries, just look for the next update from me, to discuss the balance components of

Powerful sales email structure

in our next blog, stay tuned.

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