100 smart selling approach to residential sales- Sales email template that gets a response

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Sales email template that gets a response

 Sales email template that gets response
How to write a smart email to get a response from prospects

As we discussed in our last blog, How to write a powerful sales email 

Sales email template that gets a response- background

we will discuss today what can be the ingredients of writing such a powerful sales email copy. It is common to know that, with the flooding of sales emails with so much information on Real estate launches, most of them never get opened. There are several reasons for the same but one good reason is it does not trigger the prospect to open rather the contents are uninteresting and again a junk on product brochure, some repeat information about the project or can be some infographics of high tech data.

All these things do not interest a prospect and you are lucky if the email reaches the reader’s inbox instead of the Spam folder. So the email is never read. Do the companies and sales Managers have a purpose in sending such emails.

Yes obviously, we have a purpose. the most important is

Sales email template that gets a response- Purpose
  • At least the prospect will open and read it.
  •  He responds at least in a single line

Most of the times, Both does not happen, even though the second one is slightly being greedy.

Sales email template that gets a response- Basic template

While it is important to include compelling subject lines, excellent body copy and a diplomatic sign off to get responses, most of them are a matter of detailed discussions and we will take all these one by one.

we will here in this blog understand the basic components of a sales email so that we are clear with the template. If the template covers all the basic components and I am sure we can always enrich each of this component so that it becomes attractive and will trigger the prospect to respond to you.

Sales email template that gets a response should be designed with the following components

  1. Greetings – to address personally the prospect ( Must)
  2. Compelling subject description
  3. Powerful opening line
  4. Informative  body copy
  5. Conclude with a call for action  message and reasons
  6. End with your company professional signature and graphic logo

This should be the basic template structure or a checklist wherein we don’t miss anything on the same.

We have standard email templates, which some companies follow so that there is uniformity and employees follow these templates. You can understand more on the same by referring to the

below link

Of course, each one of these seven components, if properly stuffed with the right words, might definitely hook the reader.

Most of the time the reader opens the mail and reads it, only if the same is present.

As everyone likes it, if you address him with his name, it makes the reader think at least, that the email is intended for him, and it is definitely a junk of information.

while it is true it starts with calling him by his name and greetings alone may not make the reader to go thru, but it ends a signal for him to think, what can be there in the email for him or at least to check and spend few brief moments to go further.

This is enough to break the ice and if we follow the other steps with proper wordings or compelling words, it will definitely drive him crazy to spend the new few minutes reading the mail. One word of caution is you cannot write a long mail and it needs to be within 200 words or he does not scroll his screen tab. Please don’t expect him to do, as obviously most of the guys will not do.

Yes, we will unwind the seven components in the next blog to understand the template further. Stay tuned.




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