100 SMART SELLING APPROACH TO RESIDENTIAL SALES – Tell mode or interactive mode

100 SMART SELLING APPROACH TO RESIDENTIAL SALES – Tell mode or interactive mode

Smart selling approach -10

Tell mode or interactive mode.

You dont sell when you tell .Most sales members  talk too much. They flood the Prospect with tsunami of Information and an average Sales person keeps the prospect occupied with his talks almost 75 to 80% of the overall engagement time spent  with the prospect.

Some take in pride in quoting that I had spent three hours with the client or the client has spent more than two hours in the conversation.Is it indicative of a serious prospect .May be or May not.But one aspect of this to be notified is the effectiveness of the time spent with the prospect.

There is a serious warning that this approach is totally not suggested  and you will be losing the sale .You can close more sales by avoiding unnecessary talks .

At SMART Selling, One more dimension we would like to discuss today is How does your talk  affect your selling .?

In other words How does the type of conversation with prospect can improve your closing of sales .

Normally sales person engages with the Prospect on a face to face with and start telling or explaining   about the Project and its relevant details associated with it. ( may be an apartment, Villa or any Real estate Product ).

Sales Person typically engages in a conversation as soon as he greets and handshakes a walk in /site visit prospect and starts his talk.

Tell mode OR Interactive mode  ( Differences)

We call this conventionally a tell mode selling, when the customer visits your office or site , you greet him and then start your sale dialogue after he says basic  things about his requirement.

Is this correct way of starting a sales process ? definitely Not.

In a tell mode selling , you start explaining about the product in full , give a complete explanation about your project and features , but fail to understand what exactly the customer has in mind .

In a smart selling approach i.e in an  interactive mode  (with the prospect ) you  try to understand by asking smart questions which are required to understand the prospect profile .  In other words you understand the basic profile ,needs, win his trust in your conversation and then collaborate with him to start the buying process .

A tell mode sales man does not have much opportunity to understand the customer profile and always in a dilemma after his thorough explanation , weather the prospect will buy or not ?- the basic reason being he has not questioned as well as not  listened to the prospect.

Many of the sales persons , even senior Guys sometimes do not bother to understand the prospect but will be more ready to explain to the prospect.The major issue will be on less listening or not allowing the prospect to speak .

We also tend to make a Big mistake of Overloading Information to the prospect.

The more information you offer to prospects , the more likely they’ll be confused. eventually when prospects  are confused, they don’t become customers.

It is found that Most People have short attention spans, So tell mode fails , because we fail to talk too much which are not required and keep dragging the explanation and finally put them to boredom.

We need to learn to talk  out in concise way , by asking lead questions to the prospect , listen and start answering them in an Interactive style.You only convey them what they need and want to know.

Sales person  who adopts an Interactive mode selling will be aware at every stage what the  prospect is actually thinking about the product and he/she will buy the product or not. He will also have a better idea of placing the prospect in a buying circumstance .

Now let us understand what makes Interactive mode more result driven and what are the salient features of Interactive selling.

How does a transition from more a tell mode selling to Interactive mode selling will benefit you in improving your sales conversions .? or in other wards Why this is called smart selling technique . ?

The interactive mode is called as smart selling because of the simple reason that   we are able to understand the  out come of the prospect conversion cycle, and employ the  best method of closing the sale .

The concept of Interactive mode of selling is by a theme called ” conscious awareness ”

It’s the critical skill required in an Interactive mode of selling where the sales person is always aware of each step in a  Sales demonstration or negotiation  process.

The overall steps from start to end- in a conscious awareness mode – are as below  .

  1. sales person  to understand  the prospect profile more or less by his smart and minimum thoughtful questions, posed to the prospect .
  2. sales person  need to be in  close connect with his communication process and thought process related to the Buying.( Typically understands from him what he requires or what product he is looking for and where he is looking for – This may again be configuration, sft, Price , features/amenities & Location )
  3. sales person should be in a position  to  make  predictive decisions of what the prospect is expecting at every stage of  conversation with the prospect, by interpreting prospects acknowledgement during his conversation  as well as prospect’s discomfort or Objection queries .
  4. Most importantly the sales person should sense and know  risks of not closing the sale or losing the sale  – from the prospects feedback and dialogues and know how to supplement more information to prospect to avoid the risk of losing the sale .( It is very rare that some times the prospects does not show any signs for you to catch – Know as silent Killers or Guess me tough Guys )
  5. Lastly during the last stages of the conversation- sales person should be   able to understand when to ask for a Sale and trigger the  closing of  the sales process , more confidentially

Now let us understand more details about each one of the above .

  1. sales person  to understand  the prospect profile

Primary question -Does the Prospect Need your product in your location? Ask lead questions related to this .Which location you are looking for precisely ? Do you work here ? Is your wife work in this location? How long you live in this Area ? where you currently live ?Have you come to this location before ? which sector you work for ?

Primary question-Does the prospect will use your Product or wants to Invest ? Live or rent.Ask Lead questions related to this .Is this your first home ?from where do you like to shift ? Are you looking for a school nearby for your children?Would you look for living here  or Investment ?How much rental you are expecting? Are you looking for a smaller space or a larger space ?

Primary question -Does the prospect afford your product?Ask lead questions related to this . What id the budget are you looking at ? Is this you want to pay from your pocket or want assistance from Bank? Do you want me to help you in identifying a Banker to arrange a home loan?How much you would like to invest initially and How much would you like to go for a loan?Are you looking at furnishing ? would you like to register in your name or is there anyone whom you would like to include in the registration document.?

Primary question has to be more or less the same , where as the Lead questions can be more Indirect and less formal , so that prospect is able to come out with meaningful answers .This gives a comfort for the sales person to narrow down the Profile of the person and understand his seriousness in purchase.

2.sales person  need to be in  close connect with his communication process

The closing of the sale depends on how well you are communicating to the customer and how good you are in close connect with your prospect in terms of Objections handling.Some  times you may not understand the Objections raised by the prospect and in which case , please ask a question to clarify if he/she  has meant what you mean . This will give absolute clarity in the communication process , and you may communicate with him  in a precise manner.

once you handle all the objections and communicated with him more effectively,you need to understand which is  the most important aspect in the communication process – Don’t show desperation because Prospect decides to buy only when ready and you need not sell or oversell  .

You are seldom in any advantageous position to change their Buying habits or circumstances .  What should be effectively attempted can be to  create a sense of urgency   diplomatically, and set the buying circumstances right for the prospect .

3.sales person should be in a position  to  make  predictive decisions

After an effective communication process , the sales person should be in a position   to read between the lines and should be in a  position to judge the prospects mind..Most importantly of predicting weather he will  buy now,  take little more time or will never Buy.

4.sales person should sense and know the risks of not closing the sale.

Some sales persons put a lot of pressure with the prospect and their attitude is always to brag that I am the super sales person and I am here to sell . This does not work many times and the sale may be lost. am here to sell.

People normally don’t like to take decisions , and they dont want  them to be pressurized for sales Bookings in short or quick time . Those who are quick , you need to push because they themselves get in to buying process. Prospects who are pushed , dont take decisions ,the reason being that they dont want to make mistakes by taking wrong decisions .Unfortunately In a conventional sales process , they are forced  to take the Decision, which will eventually fail.The sales person should know the risk matrix of getting or losing the sale and accordingly control the sales process.Control of the sales process is one of the key strategies of the sales super star.  Manipulation is not  control, but  it is to understand the best  interest of prospect and suggest him what is good for him in the context of selling.

5.sales person should be   able to understand when to ask for a Sale

when all the above four points are done with , then it is the right time to ask for a sale or ask for a closure .The probable symptoms in a progressive order will be,

you have explained the product to the best of your ability.

you had checked with prospect that there are no objections.

You have well clarified on prospects  profile and affordability  and knew everything you want to know for a sale to be closed .

Now you can ask for a closed ended question ( Any good questions which is respectfully worded  )- Can I take the cheque/ RTGS , with Booking application tomorrow Sir?

You dont sell when you tell- follow smart selling approach of Interacting selling.

To know more about smart selling – stay tuned


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