100 SMART SELLING APPROACH TO RESIDENTIAL SALES- Best way to contact your leads

100 SMART SELLING APPROACH TO RESIDENTIAL SALES- Best way to contact your leads

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Best way to contact your leads.

I am sure you would have read the last blog -12https://www.digikabali.com/2021/05/13/100-smart-selling-approach-to-residential-sales-4-steps-in-follow-up/ (smart follow-ups of leads).

You are also aware that lead follows uptime, as per real estate sales varies based on the nature or source of lead. Generally, any lead which is followed within three hours of receipt of lead is considered as a good follow-up. Of course today the Industry Redefines the follow-up or response as the first 5 minutes of an inquiry being received due to the dominance of the Digital world. Prospects consider the” Response to be immediate” as critical.

Best way to contact your leads-challenge



The best method to follow up a real-estate lead is by phone call. Alternate can be an email or sending a short message with a call for the contact number yours.

Of course, the major issue with a phone call is a response or picking your call. Some of the prospects hate responding to strange numbers while they are in the office or in any private place. They don’t pick your call and it might be ringing always, and no response.


Also sometimes we are unaware that the prospect has a do not disturb installed. In which case, sending a simple text message to him will help to understand your number and details. Maybe he /she will reply or pick your call after reading the message. Follow this Simple technique, before you dump the lead.


But research proves that the prospect picks your call when you normally reach him 5 to 6 times in a scheduled interval of one to one and half an hour. This can succeed and can happen if you mix it with a short text message with your contact details and why you would like to talk to him.

Best way to contact your leads- latest method


Today another best alternate is to reach him in WhatsApp. Many sales team members send short videos of the product with a customized contact number for prospects to call back.

Best way to contact your leads- the caution

In your interest to follow up on the prospects, we tend to use junk information or make useless calls. The only word of caution is please do not send any irrelevant post or junk information other than product info to the prospect. (It is better to ask or send a simple text at the first instance instead of getting into Whatsapp for reaching to prospect)


The most important aspect in lead follow-up is Do not to feel guilty that you are disturbing a Prospect OR do not postpone a follow-up call. Of course, you are only contacting a lead, which has come to you and the contact number is shared with you. But the etiquettes need to be followed as some acts or media of communication are considered as an intrusion into privacy.


There are different structured methods to reach the prospect, but why the telephonic calling is still the best out of this?


The phone is considered a more efficient method of communicating. because in a phone you are able to convey the emphasize what you are trying to convey.

You can be more accurate and modulate your voice to express your importance in what you are trying to convey.

In an email, vis a vis would not be in a position to communicate the same feelings.

As per psychologists’ opinions, and Neuroscientists’ views when you speak over the phone you may convey unconsciously so many emotional dimensions which you cannot communicate in writing the same impact.  In fact, even in your day-to-day office routines, the standard email communication contents are misunderstood many times as the intent and understanding become different. The research data indicates that we sense and interpret the emotional dimensions first. The human brain picks up the emotional dimensions within 45 to 55 milliseconds and starts processing the information. This leads us to a state of advantage if you are able to impress prospects with impact and emotional dimensions over the phone in a short time.

Best way to contact your leads- what you need to talk

What do you need to talk about on the telephone at a first instant with the prospect.?

The first instant, when you call the prospect of course is Greetings and introduction. The next most important thing is understanding their need. But before that what you need to keep in mind is you need to realize that unlike face-to-face conversation – you are on phone. So whatever you do while you meet in person same emotions need to be conveyed on the phone also.

These are the things you should do when you talk over the phone, and at the same time, you should also take control of the situation.

of course, I have some of the best resources for you to read if you are serious about understanding more about this. Click the link below for the same https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/the-best-way-to-reach-out-to-a-prospect-for-the-first-time

Can we do some detailing in the telephonic conversation essentials in our next blog stay tuned?


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