100 smart selling approach to residential sales-What is Lead nurturing

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100 smart selling approach to residential sales



what is Lead nurturing

How do we convert the quicker sales from effective leads received through pipeline marketing?

Do we use the technique called Lead Nurturing?

What is Lead nurturing- background

Lead nurturing is building relationships with effective leads in this case touch basing with the  potential prospects  through multiple marketing methods .

Today’s prospects are well educated especially on information related to purchase of any product and specifically they don’t buy an apartment or home immediately.

(They do Research everywhere, anywhere, and all the time )They do a lot of research before buying on the net.  When they visit the Project site they do a lot of questioning and clarify doubts  at the site and expand their  research with us. Finally, they do post site visits, compelling and specific research by visiting forums, feedback blogs, learning from competitors and finally gather information through friends, and relatives.

End result, some times and many times results in more confusion or postponement or dropping out .Buying becomes a challenge.

To mitigate this by counter methods and frequently do answer the objections raised and not clarified by prospects Lead nurturing helps. It is a process by which the marketers keep in touch with the customer through various modes periodically and more consistently ( Through various tools digitally and scientifically ) after the effective lead is generated. This is done on a scientific and structured method to warm up and create a positive aura around the buying climate.

The stages between the effective lead generated and touch-based and how it is being contacted and communicated with various information ultimately decide the “effective nourishing of the Lead”.

it is in short how we up bring the lead or warm up the lead to the final stage of Buying in process.

Old methodology talks about the cold to warm lead and warm to hot lead.

Even though they are not exactly the same. The fundamental concept of conversion remains the same.

what is Lead nurturing – meaning

The modern sales process describes this as Lead nourishing as the methods to Nourish the lead are automated with a lot of technology-based tools. (Of course, old methods do not have these automation tools as this was not  not required owing to the fact that the customer was not having so much insight into product comparison and had fewer confusions.)

There are proven research statements wherein companies that use lead nurturing make 50% more sales at 33% lower costs.

What is lead nurturing – Process

The primacy in Lead nurturing is “How to Nurture the lead in the prospect’s Journey with with company ?”– like How are you behaving with him , communicating with him from the day he or she has contacted you till he or she decides to purchase from you.

Lead nurturing – different stages

In fact, when we process a lead or speak with a lead, we can classify them into various buckets depending on the status

  1. Sure to buy without our follow up and maybe immediate with ina weeks time
  2. May buy in a fortnight, but without our follow-ups
  3. May buy with a minimum follow up and nurturing and clarifying their apprehensions
  4. May buy, only when you compare  their competition products and clear their doubts  and requires more nurturing and sometimes price discounts also
  5. They will not decide to buy irrespective of your follow-ups or nurturing. They will keep talking

trust this information is useful, for understand the lead nurturing classification process.

Don’t miss out on the Customer Journey and customer communication to improve your sales., a more smart selling approach. stay tuned.


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