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How to write a sales follow up email


In the last blog we discussed, How do you make prospects open your email and some tips on the same. please find the link below, if you have not read my last blog, for continuity.https://www.digikabali.com/2021/05/29/100-smart-selling-approach-to-residential-sales-10-powerful-ideas-to-get-prospects-to-open-your-mail/

Today we will discuss, as a next step How do you follow up on the same.

How to write a sales follow up email- Background

The critical aspect of every sales call is follow up. I am sure you will agree with me. As a matter of fact, many sales guys, miss badly on follow up, as follow up requires a systematic approach and a never-fail approach. In the sense, it is a challenge to make the prospects respond to our emails.

It becomes crucial that only on follow up and getting a response on the interest levels, we will be able to say if there is a possibility of further discussions with the prospect.

Otherwise, the lead becomes dead and maybe we need to drop. But we are not ready to drop the lead in any case, should be the motto of every sales guy.

If you really want prospects to respond, follow up becomes essential.

There can be many types of follow-ups, but a cold called prospect cannot be called in immediately as he may not be ready to respond still they are convinced about the product.

How to write a sales follow up email- Two scenarios


There are two types of follow-ups you can decide and classify your action based on the strength of the Lead.

  1. If you don’t have a number, it is just a cold lead and you don’t know about the prospect, it is better to send a nice follow-up email.
  2. If you have already touched base with the prospect or the prospect is known to you or introduced to you in an exhibition or any other place or referred by someone, maybe you can get his number, and straightaway, call him followed by that you can send a mail

How to write a sales follow up email- What exactly you need to do?

You can choose either one of these based on the scenario. Trying to call him is slightly tricky, even if you have a number as you need to find out the best time to call him

In the case of the first scenario, it is just that you need to send him a follow-up mail, it is relatively easy, at this point in time.

In this blog, we will discuss the first scenario. How to write a sales follow up email depends on the scenario.

Let us assume, you have recently mailed the product info maybe 3 or 4 days back

You can send him a brief follow up mail as follows- Be restrictive on the number of lines only 10 Lines) 

How to write a sales follow up email- sample template

Hi Sir

Good day to you

I wanted to make a simple follow up, without taking much of your time.

Trust you had a look at our brochure and Property information. ( Add your project name )

Do you need more information, as the Property has currently more than 200 BOOKED CUSTOMERS?

I can directly call you if you let me know your convenient day, time and contact number so that I can invite you to my site for seeing the property by yourself.

I am sure that will give you a better idea.

Looking forward to your response. Please feel free to respond to anyone of this. 

(Please call me- your number/or I will contact you back )


How to write a sales follow up email- conclusion

There are several templates to choose the context, but this one is simple and general when you are sending follow up mail for cold leads.

Meanwhile, you want more information on templates, which are quite interesting, refer to this link here. https://www.saleshacker.com/sales-follow-up-email/

We will look at the second alternative and more on this, in our next blog. Stay tuned.

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