50 Sure-fire habits for Real estate Top sales Managers-The art of story telling in Real estate

The art of story telling in Real estate

The art of story telling in Real estate
The art of story telling in Real estate

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In the last blog we discussed story telling concept in Real estate, click the link below to understand the Introduction to storytellinghttps://www.digikabali.com/2021/05/28/50-sure-fire-habits-for-real-estate-top-sales-managers-follow-story-telling-technique/

The art of story telling in Real estate- the importance

finally, if you want more information on this, you can refer to and read the information in the following link., until we catch up with our next topic.


The art of story telling in Real estate- 4P’s

As we always say that there are 4 Ps when it comes to storytelling in general

  1. People
  2. Place
  3. Plot
  4. Purpose.

When it comes to Real estate sales it is related to the customer, the particular property, What made the customer buy the property and the benefits derived from buying this specific property is the main relatable P’s we need to explain clearly.

The most important aspect of any storytelling is of course the plot.

In Real estate sales, when you follow storytelling – you need to be clear on the realistic and practical advantage of owning a property in your Project.

If a customer is convinced, that someone has purchased on this clear benefit, then your sale is done.

Buying a home is no more statistics like saleable area, sft, number of Bedrooms, balcony etc. It is where our life is happening, and memories are continuous and many stories take berth

Happy Home is ultimate in everyone’s Life.

If we understand this, then we will know – How to explain the story?

every customer has a story behind purchasing a home for himself.

As we sell most of the time the concrete piece, we don’t get into the emotions of the prospect. If we stop talking about the technical language of sales and start conversing with a prospect – we will understand his need, purpose behind buying the Home.

The art of story telling in Real estate- capturing customer journey of buying the property

Every customer’s journey of buying a home starts here. The journey is where the story starts.

It may look emotional, but this is the truth. This is precisely the reason when Projects get delayed, the customer gets shaky and gets upset easily when we go back on our commitments.

Real estate is one where the customer takes everything personally, and we need to handle customers emotions.

Now coming back to Storytelling techniques.

The art of story telling in Real estate- the start of the story

Remember that you can create as many stories as you want by talking to your existing customers and understand, How they started the journey of buying a property.

You can classify the story into few categories so that you will be able to use these stories appropriately when you explain to another prospect.

The art of story telling in Real estate- categories

  1. customers who have purchased for Brand and Investment
  2. customers who have purchased for amenities and community
  3. customers who have purchased for other special needs like school and office proximity
  4. customers who have purchased for other exclusive reasons.

You may choose the best journey in each with details like

customer name, occupation, Marital status, occupation, children and other relevant details.

The art of story telling in Real estate- Few examples

These stories can be made as a script first so that we are able to capture points clearly.

Like for example if a customer has purchased property here for schooling for his children ( The school is a stone’s throw from the property)., You can narrate the story what was his situation earlier and now.

The stories carrying good script and strong points enlisting reason for the purchase of property also serve as testimonials and can be video graphed and can be uploaded in website also.

The customer perceptions are always different and each story needs to be captured.

If your property has high security and with inbuilt facilities and project a gated community living then obviously a customer may prefer the property only for their parents if he or she happens to live in a joint family.

This can be a great story for prospects with a similar mindset and situation, who is waiting to buy a property.

The real-life stories of capturing the customer journey in the purchase of property really help in marketing the property to prospects.stay tuned for next Sure -fire


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