50 Sure-fire habits for Real estate Top sales Managers-Follow story telling technique

Follow story telling technique

Follow storytelling technique
Follow storytelling technique

Surefire habit-4

Follow story telling technique.


We did discuss the sure-fire habits in our last blog, and for those who have not read, please click herehttps://www.digikabali.com/2021/05/25/50-sure-fire-habits-for-real-estate-top-sales-managers-value-selling-approach/

Today we will be discussing a new sure-fire habit for star sales managers. the concept

Follow storytelling technique

Follow story telling technique- concept.

Even if you had an excellent presentation, seldom attract customers more than 5 to 10 Minutes. So Storytelling is a powerful hook that can keep the customer glued to your presentation.

It is like you are watching an exciting movie.

As all of us know, we like a video presentation than an audio presentation. Similarly, we like an anecdote, brief customer story, brief project stories, more than dull and voluminous content.

It is precisely the reason you should follow this technique, where ever possible.

It is like telling stories and keeping the children together. Human nature, by birth, we are trained to listen to stories before going to bed.

Hence, this is a successful technique to be followed.

Follow story telling technique- Main reasons.

  1. To hook the customer
  2. To engage the customer
  3. To make him understand the benefits of your product through a user.

Follow story telling technique-How do you use it?

Take the features, amenities and infrastructure of your project, and narrate to him How you had addressed a requirement or pain of a customer when he wanted to book a flat here. What pains he had?

What challenges did he face before buying a property at your project?

And Today, How happy he has become.

 You can narrate as a real story, except for name and other personal details.

You can share the details like name, and other relevant details if the other customer permits., otherwise a big NO only.

The strategy is here – we need to remember that we follow honesty, and we don’t tell lies or cook up stories.

Follow story telling technique-

You cannot cook up a fictional story- caution.

Once you are clear on this ethics, it will be a success. It becomes a Real-life case study of How one more customer has booked a Property with you and how you have solved his challenges. 

After hearing your narration, the prospect will be able to relate his problems and be at least mentally confirmed that he/she can resolve his problems if he decides to buy.

Sometimes it will even go to the next step of prospect asking you,

Can I have the customer’s details so that he/she can talk to him one to one?

As I had told you – you should be prepared for this question.

In a sense, he/she needs a clear answer from you on the spot, which may become a crux of his decision to buy from you.

You can be 90% happy the sale may get closed from this point in a few days if you put him on a con call or give the booked customer reference with his permission.

But you need to ensure the Booked customer talks well about his Booking experience, and it should not have any loose ends or adverse remarks or any regret expressed by him.

Follow story telling technique- conclusion

It is emotional selling, and a knee jerk response from the Prospect and Prospects sales process will become very hot and will turn out immediately to a ready for Booking status.

As a Star Sales Manager, you need to be more than 100% ready for this.

But it is a great shortcut and an innovative selling methodology.

It is one of the powerful sure-fire habits that every ambitious and successful Sales manager should possess to achieve your closures quickly.

The essentials on this, and How you can handle this, we will see in the next blog.

Meanwhile, for more information on Storytelling, there are materials. One of them I would request you to read here is https://www.audience-advantage.com/importance-of-storytelling-in-sales-presentations/.

Stay tuned for the next Surefire habit.



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