100 smart selling approach to residential sales- Powerful closing statements in a sales email

Powerful closing statements in a sales email

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As we discussed in our last blog about the Powerful sales email structure, we discussed four components. Refer to the last blog for detailsĀ  herehttps://www.digikabali.com/2021/05/24/100-smart-selling-approach-to-residential-sales-powerful-sales-email-structure/

Just to recap the following are the topics we discussed.

  1. Greetings – to address personally the prospect ( Must)
  2. Compelling subject description
  3. Powerful opening line
  4. InformativeĀ  body copy

we continue on this discussion with closing, sign off, and standardisation of templates on this blog, Under, Powerful closing statements in a sales email

Powerful closing statements in a sales email- background


we never leave our computer on after we finished working on it or a book kept open after reading it.

Likewise, it is important that we conclude any sales email with a simple yet powerful call for action request so that the customer remembers our contents and we trigger him to take appropriate action.

Powerful closing statements in a sales email- types

There can be different types of closing the email and it varies with the context

Below are few situations wherein you may need to sign off or conclude in an email

  1. Close emails where you are looking for an answer from the prospect ( Like Do you like the property ? )
  2. Close emails where you ask for an appointment ( After the site visit, you can ask him in the mail, when can you see him?
  3. Close emails where you ask customers opinions on Product features, Product choice etc for Blocking the apartment for finalization close emails where the customer has booked the apartment or unit and you are saying thank you and asking for referrals from his friends and relatives.

Powerful closing statements in a sales email- objectives

A strong closing email gives you a direction and also triggers the customer for action.

When it comes to sales closing, always use time limits in your closing emails.

Offer closes within 48 Hours, come to site for availing an exciting offer on this weekend etc.( sample statements)

some times price offers and availability offers works with time, and other offers may not work with respect to time.

suitably you can add these while closing the emails with the last line as these statements like

Powerful closing statements in a sales email- samples


Don’t wait to avail of this special offer, which is available up till the 24th of this month, for confirmation give a missed call to this number or SMS to this number.

This is unbelievable but true and it is a limited time offer, You may miss a car park free worth 5lakhs, if you do not revert to this email in the next 48 hours check for more details and understand why this is not for everyone?

Most customers take their time to decide and come back to you. You need to make him commit to you if he is clear about it.

Normally the customer decides if everything is ok within a week or fortnight. Anything beyond this defines mostly as a lost sale unless otherwise there are special unknown reasons.

call for action is very important and concluding message is all the more important when you are closing and signing off in the sales email.

Powerful closing statements in a sales email- signoff

signing off

Normally signature is important, as the customer needs to understand who has sent the email.

Some companies send nameless sign off emails wherein it will say from the Sales department.

we need to avoid such emails, as this serves no purpose.

The name of the sales team member or manager who has handled the customer or spoken to him should sign by name the email.

In case of the first time, the sales team member should introduce himself at the start of the email, and end the email with his personal signature electronic or regular sign off.

Always the

closing statements in a sales email

Need to end with a proper professional signature and other relevant details. Don’t forget to include your designation, department, company logo, contact details in the sign off area in addition to your name. refer for morehttps://www.cirrusinsight.com/blog/101-sales-email-templates-you-can-use-to-close-more-deals

Please stay tuned for further interesting topics.

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