50 Sure-fire habits for Real estate Top sales Managers-Become a Product knowledge expert

Become a Product knowledge expert


We discussed in our last blog what do you mean by sure-fire habits?


Become a Product knowledge expert
How to become a product knowledge expert – Sure-fire ways to become a Star Sales Manager

Henceforth we will dive deep into these habits one by one, these may not be in any order of importance as we can classify the same based on what a sales Manager follows or practices or do not follow or practice?

In my view all winning and start sales performers will definitely have more than 60% of these habits. Maybe the differentiation will be on sharpening them and using the same meticulously

By nature Sales managers, do work only on what they know and they feel lazy to learn new sales habits. This blog should end of the day need to be beneficial on the sales habits you don’t possess or need to improve.

Become a Product knowledge expert- Background

As we all know Selling Real estate ( residential ) is not easy and we need to face the objections of the prospect in many ways. Thorough knowledge of the product comes in handy when we are handling the prospect’s objections.

Also, the product has got so many technical and functional aspect. Even if you have an excellent product, if the sales guy is able to translate the merits of the same to a customer he gets into deadlock. In my view, if you know the product inside out, then you will become an expert in handling the objections of the customer.

A star sales performer need to do the following for sure

Become a Product knowledge expert-step 1

(Study the positives and shortcomings of the project from customer/prospects  perspective)

Understand the product specifications thoroughly (sometimes the sales Managers always, owing to their experience forget to update knowledge which is project-specific .)

This becomes an issue, as each project has its positives and negatives. Some projects carry flaws also and you need to find suitable reasons to defend them if they are not major. Most of them it may not major in the best interest of the Company. But you need to find ways and means to put it across to the customer subtly. Mediocre sales Managers find it challenging and try to avoid these objections and even though the prospect understands, he or she may not spell it out.

So at any point in time, you should expect this objection from a customer or the prospect and keep a researched answer well-drafted to defend this strongly.

In this sense, the customer has to get convinced.

This is one of the best practices followed by a start sales manager.

A start sales Manager is one who is good at handling the shortcomings of the project from the prospect and converts them to his or her advantage.

Become a Product knowledge expert-step 2

( explain the positive aspects as your powerful sales pitch with confidence)

Do a complete analysis about competitor project and understand How his or her project is superior to the competitor. After understanding the project shortcomings of his own project, understanding the positives of the project is very important.

This is possible by studying the top ten positive aspects of your project, you should be able to see this even while you are sleeping.

The most important aspect is How do you pitch this to the customer ?.

Some sales guys always tell this to the customer. Telling is not enough and it becomes tasteless when you just verbally tell the same. You should prepare a sales pitch on these aspects and keep it ready for demonstration to the customer when he is attentive to your conversation.

The most important aspect here is to do the sales pitch with confidence. Anything which is sold to the customer without confidence never finds a way in the prospect’s mind. The attitude of your sales talks matters a lot here.

Become a Product knowledge expert-step 3

( Explain the benefit and not the feature with crystal clear evidence and endorsements from customers)

The third step is to explain the same as a benefit and not as a simple aspect of the feature.

Real estate is a live product and most of the prospects understand the specs from the sales brochure. What will be more interesting to him, is what the customer will derive out of this feature.

say, for example, if you talk about the availability of water on your site, Give him the technical data on why water is required today in every project and How it is abundant compared to other projects. What are the benefits customer will derive from this .?

In short, what is it for me ? should be clearly demonstrated.?

You may even show him physically the availability and prove to him this is a top of the advantage of choosing your project. Evidence-based information is always a sure-fire way to convince the customer.

who knows the prospect can choose to buy your project only for this.

Become a Product knowledge expert-conclusion

Product knowledge and becoming an expert in it is Sales power.

Become a Product knowledge expert- is actually a  process and matter of acquiring knowledge on a continuous basis. It involves a passion and dedication to understand the micro aspects of both positives and setbacks and processing it for our advantage to position the product.

I am sure all Sales managers will have the product knowledge when they sell their products in the Real estate industry, but it is How each one is demonstrating their excellence in the knowledge being demonstrated to the prospect during the sales process wind finally the Booking.

So be a differentiation to understand the nuances and small details, so that the customer is flabbergasted with your expert product knowledge of your project as well as that of your close competitors.

Meanwhile, you want to learn more about how to improve your Product knowledge and improve your sales power, there are a lot of materials available for a theoretical study. You can refer to the following link also if you have time to spend.

Become a Product knowledge expert- Other resources( with courtesy)

Become a product knowledge expert is a globally required knowledge when it comes to selling and research has been done extensively on the same.


Stay tuned for more sure-fire ways to improve your excellence.

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