50 Sure-fire habits for Real estate Top sales Managers- What are Sure-fire habits?

What are Sure-fire habits? Introduction


What are sure-fire habits?  is a new series for interesting discussions.

So Welcome to a new series of discussions on what are  Surefire habits for Star sales performers or Sales Managers

What are Sure-fire habits?
What are the Sure-fire habits? of Star sales Managers
What are Sure-fire habits?

The first question before us

Every Industry likes star performers in Sales and I am sure you might have started reading this, as you have a strong aspiration to become a star performer or You may be already one.

The real estate industry is not an exception to this, especially selling residential properties in the real estate industry is always a challenge for any sales guy owing to several strong factors in the macro and microenvironment.

We always wonder the difference between an average sales guy and a top sales performer. Some experts say , it is sales call planning, https://www.digikabali.com/2021/04/08/powerful-sales-call-planning/some say it is negotiation skills and there are several criteria being discussed for achieving the best performance. The Real estate Industry also prefers people who are sales stars rather than one who is mediocre. The reason being everyone wants numbers and everyone wants traction of sales in a faster phase.

What are Sure-fire habits? Industry preferences

In this competitive world where the environment is full of challenges, Company needs magic in sales output. sometimes it may look for unreasonable target performance and the company keeps raising the bar, every time the sales manager performs.

what makes the Top sales performers or Managers different from the other mediocre or average crowd?

If you keep asking this question, you will find the only answer to this is the habits make the difference.

What are Sure-fire habits?- Criteria for Sure-fire performers

Well the literal meaning for sure-fire is becoming successful


The analysis always gives you two undoubtful major aspects, even though there are many noticeable aspects with a Top sales performer or a successful Manager.

  1. The attitude and complete personality of the Individual
  2. The approach to the overall sales process and method handling the prospects

Anyone who is said to possess these two traits undoubtedly becomes a Top Sales Performer.

Attitude-An excellent  great attitude is the secret to any real estate sales guys success.  The attitude you demonstrate sets the platform for engagement with your prospects .If you show  a great attitude, while explaining about the product it will make the prospects to engage with you well and this will improve your conversions .

Approach- How do you approach the sales process becomes the second important factor. While attitude

demonstrate your personality the approach defines your step by step approach in developing the prospect towards conversion.

As we have understood generally what is sure-fire habits, we will dive deep in our next blogs.

stay tuned in.




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