100 smart selling approach to residential sales- How to write a powerful sales email

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100 smart selling approach to residential sales- How to write a sales email

How to write a powerful sales email
A powerful sales email has a compelling opening statement

How to write a  Powerful sales email

As we discussed in the last blog,https://www.digikabali.com/2021/04/08/how-to-start-a-powerful-sales-call/ assume a situation wherein you don’t have the prospects contact number and you are just left with an alternative of only contacting him through his email id. while we will also discuss in the future blogs how to get the number and some smart methods to find the same .In this blog , we will restrict ourselves with How to write a powerful sales email?

How to write a  Powerful sales email -Background

Of course, the first approach will be to keep trying to find out his phone number, and the second approach is to stop trying and start your communication by email.

Is email communication to a cold prospect is simple?

If this is simple, many will not be talking to a sales prospect, they will just send a mail and wait for the response.

Before we get into this subject of How to write a sales email, let us understand some statistics of approaching the prospect through email, so that we will be geared up to write a powerful email for the prospect to respond to us.

How to write a  Powerful sales email- Background

statistics and past history always give us strong indications to understand sales email communications. Sometimes it gives us ideas, what to write, what not to write. How to write also.

  • 75% of emails for sales prospects are ignored and never read
  • 50% of emails are spam
  • about 30% of sales emails are opened based on the first line of the email
  • 24% of email get opened if it has a powerful sales line with ina day after receipt of your email
  • Personalized email gets 14% more Click-throughs
  • The personalized subject line is appreciated and get 26% more opens

with all these statistics, before us, it is evident that we need to be more clear when we write  to a prospect.

How to write a  Powerful sales email- Approach

Specifically in Real estate sales, what is the more contextual relevance to writing a powerful sales email?

These days there are a lot of real estate companies that keep sending so much information in the email, the customer finds it a pain.

In fact, the customer considers this as junk and completely ignore it.

With the amount of information, it lands in the spam folder automatically

It is not worth an attempt to reach out to a prospect with this type of communication.

Are we not being in the sales community supposed to think about this, where we communicate junk to a prospect., and end of the day blame that emails are not responded to by prospects.

So How do we change this? and look at drafting powerful sales email, where at least prospect takes a look at it.

How to write a  Powerful sales email- Introduction is the key

If You Want to Make a Sales Introduction, Please be in mind full that the prospect has not heard about you or about your prospect, so it is important that you need to write your sales email in a compelling way so that the prospects respond to you or calls you back enquiring more about your email contents.

How do you make such emails, and what could be the attractive components ( Like Is it the features of your project, the awards received, or about you ) so that you are creating all the best compelling reasons for the prospect to open and read your email. To unwind the suspense, stay tuned we will see in the forthcoming discussion. keep connected






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