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Smart selling – Background

I would like to start this” Smart selling ways” – with a Goal by enumerating this to say roughly 100 pages of thoughts.
This is intended for Real estate sales – Residential.
Of course, I am assuming this number with my contents from my personal diary, where I have taken brief notes with different pieces of Information in my marketing and sales journey.
You may wonder if I ask you, what do you mean by Smart selling?
Maybe you know, maybe you do not know. Still, let us dive deep into this right now.
Well, we will start our journey with this Basic question and understand what is smart selling methods or techniques.

Smart selling

First let me give you a concept on Smart selling methods, which many of us don’t understand.
It is primarily because many of us learn from the experiences, colleagues, and previous Bosses or Institutions, and we tend to apply this with the prospect in a selling scenario blindly.
I always feel. even though all these are good enough to give you the knowledge and improve your selling skills, still it is not enough as we don’t use the knowledge gained while we introspect and learn from our prospects, on our daily sales journey
Learning from prospects amounts to studying them.
In our sales journey, we meet different types of prospects, but despite understanding and learning, we don’t use the learned concepts from our customer journey with the next customer.
If not all, in my view I have seen,  more than 50% of sales team members have got a fixed method of approaching the customer.
They don’t change or improvise despite their own acquired intelligence or the experiences they have taken from meeting innumerable prospects. The result is that they are stuck with conversions.

Smart selling – concept

what is smart selling?

Smart selling

Smart selling is not directly selling the product, but understand what the customer wants and find out if your product fits into his thought.
If the product fits in, and he has not understood, how it fits in, we need to start from there.
Understanding the pain points of the customer and making him understand, How you can address his pain points with his product., with clear examples.
This is the right approach that relates to Smart selling.
you need to give him contents and talk about that How the same can fit in, into his requirement. Point by point.
you can also pull him in, How people who are in his profile opted for your solutions with evidence ( If you have one such to prove the same ).
all the more the job becomes easy and you have already sold 50% when you do this.
Now we will start with the basic component in sales which is the starting point.
we call this an inquiry and I am sure, you will agree henceforth I call this a lead.
I am sure many of us know that ” Lead is a person who has shown interest to buy our product . “- what is so great about it.?
SMART SELLING – starts with the Best lead
The smart selling starts with this – How do you generate a best-fit lead for your product ?, and not just getting a Lead.
with due respect to all sales Associates, you would have heard many times in the sales review meeting mentioning “it is dead lead “.
we will come back to this what is actually Dead lead ( there may be wheels within the wheels – but we will spin every wheel )
Many companies do not generate closer to the product fit lead and many sales members do mistakes in judging a lead also do not nourish the leads they receive.
(again wheels within wheels- we will discuss, what do you mean by nourishing the lead? in our future blogs, in detail ).
At this point in time, you may simply take it as – Nourishing is nothing but a lead being Followed up closely.
If you have a Good fit lead, you improve your sales conversions, and if you get a week lead you to fail in your conversions. Good fit lead is what I mean as a Hot and strong prospect.
The crux is what you should do to make a start of smart selling -or what do you do to improve your sales numbers or If you have a conversion that is Poor.
How do you correct this ?. Before your smart selling is switched on, you or your company need to develop a smart marketing plan to generate quality leads.
The simplest solution is to first focus on quality lead generation.
.Today with all Kinds of analysis at our fingertips, we can generate quality leads. Do you want to know the proven methods of generating quality lead generation? stay tuned.
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