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Lead funnel

Lead funnel & Pipeline marketing leads to a  magic funnel
In the last post, we were discussing setting the magic funnel which can give you more effective leads.
What is this magic funnel? how do we set up a magic funnel?
“Pipeline marketing ” WILL GIVE YOU MAGIC FUNNEL
Pipeline marketing is a strategy by which you optimize the techniques of marketing to improve effective leads generation.
The magic funnel- effective leads which are closer to conversion is created in the pipeline marketing procedure.
Pipeline marketing process shifts from a lead generation approach to an Effective lead generation approach
Lead funnel
Lead funnel & conventional marketing
  • lead generation
  • focus on lead quantity
  • focus on filling the top of the funnel
  • low conversion ratios
  • wastage of lead contact time
  • high budget
Lead funnel & Pipeline marketing.
  • Pipeline marketing application
  • Focus on lead quality
  • Focus on the conversion process at each stage
  • High on conversion ratios
  • Saves time in nourishing the leads
  • Efficient and cost-effective budget
Business is becoming competitive and we have the new evolving subject as Predictive analytics, wherein we use the metrics to find out how to fill the sales funnel with more effective leads.
The magic funnel which has more effective leads can give you more sales, leading to higher revenues.
As the statement goes 20% of leads are finally responsible for 80% of sales.
Marketers need to be aware and build this magic funnel using Pipeline marketing concepts. To learn more on this magic funnel and pipeline marketing stay tuned, in smart selling approaches.

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