100 smart selling approach to residential sales- Real estate customer experience

100 smart selling approach to residential sales- real estate customer experience

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Real estate customer experience

Today’s customer looks at Great customer experience at site when they come for property Inspection.

The truth we won’t admit is the customer experience has more power to improve the conversion. we say that the customer is not coming back or the customer is not responding rather customer has decided wrongly., by choosing the competition.

customer is well informed on what they really want and they expect superior experience or genuine engagement when they visit the site.

What exactly qualifies for a superior experience and does this really result in sales conversion.

A SUPERIOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is how the customer has been made to feel superior or treated genuinely at every touchpoint when he visits the site or when he or she has made a visit to see your property. He comes to the site to unwind the truth ( more said in ads and in media, Is it true at the actual site is the crux of the visit )

It is a complex platform where every touchpoint is measured starting from how you receiving the enquiry on the website or over the phone or by mail or a reference post or thru any other social media pages and How you reply or respond to the same. ( coordinates like your response time, quality of response and treatment  weighs here )

It really matters how you handle starting from your response time, sharing the basic details after understanding the primary needs of the customer.

The first contact or touch base with the customer in whatever platform you choose to answer or respond to needs to be out of a world experience to the customer.

While this is a complex subject looking at the scope of understanding the needs of the customer or the reason for enquiry, still it is not rocket science for you to understand, if you understand the primary  Need of the customer and why he is looking at your property.

As a person who has stayed in the field of customer service for more than two decades, I had always felt the best way to give a superior experience to the customer is to understand customer empathy.

Only when you understand the customer from the customer viewpoint, you will be emotionally connected to give him the best experience. Especially when you work for a Real estate Industry the emotions are running high. The customer buys an emotional product from you, especially in a country like India.

I would like you to understand this as a smart selling approach  http://www.digikabali.com/blog/100-smart-selling-approach-residential-sales/where you understand the Best touch points and give the best possible experience in each of this touchpoint so that it results in a superior experience for the customer and enables him to come closer to close the sale

While I agree the basic Product need and Budgets are in a match and when the customer contacts you the real customer journey with you begins.

Real estate customer experience (touchpoints)

Product brochure

Consistent with your approach on Product information communicated to customer- Always maintain consistency in terms of explaining your product to the customer. What you have mentioned in the product brochure should be the same across all medium. Maybe a website, or a brochure or in a video or in any promotional material company has used. The information needs to be consistent.

Response to Prospect enquiry

Response to customer enquiries need to be immediate,( not more than 2 hours) and should be preferably in the mode in which the customer is immediately reachable, and happy to be contacted (without disturbing his routines.)


Inviting him to see the product if he has not already visited your site, with time & date of his convenience.

Seeing is believing in Real estate and 53% of customers believe in accepting the belief of other customers who have liked your product, and purchased from you.

Pre-visit communication by mail, messaging by share of documents, testimonials and videos

Communicate with the customer by way of documents, endorsements from existing customers before he visits your site. The value of information, you share should be more authentic than graphics and aesthetic materials. This makes the customer’s mind into a semi preparation to buy your product, provided your contents are real and authentic than simply market jargons.

Examples – Voice of other customers, facts about your product which are endorsed as Good and Best by genuine agencies, rating companies etc.Real photographs of your product etc.

Sometimes a link to an Actual video of any customer testimonial will make an impact on the prospect’s mind.

We need to provide the content that exactly the customer wants. Relevant content is more critical in this communication.

Actual visit of the prospect

Train all your employees, even if they are not in the functional role of sales or CRM, when they meet the prospect they maintain eye contact, receive them well and offer them a seat and make them feel comfortable. This is the first touchpoint of the customer physically or in person and the customer should feel the difference.

The first contact people are the front office and reception staff and even if they are busy on the phone, they can greet, make the first eye contact and assign the prospect to any person available immediately in the customer engagement area to take care of. Offer him refreshments and a newspaper to read until the responsible person attends on him. We may specify the time to the prospect that someone will join in a matter of few minutes to attend on him, and keep up the time.

The dress code of the attending person is more critical and his body language and his genuine engagement give a better experience at the first meeting.

Confirming his feedback

End of the engagement, closing the conversation if anything more is required from our end is an important question. Most of the time prospects are left open-ended when they leave. Ensuring a closing question of did you like the product, or Is there anything left out to be clarified?

This will give the prospect the comfort that he has collected all information with regard to the product and buying decision and the person has explained well.

This is the time you take feedback, and finally, ask him when he can be contacted to proceed further on this.

Of course, any suggestions if given by the customer with regard to the handling or with regard to the product need to be taken seriously and corrective action or feedback to the company’s responsible person needs to be forwarded.

After all customer experience needs to be superior always and customer needs to be delighted to get you more Business.

Real estate customer experience – winning checkpoints

  1. Respond quickly
  2. Invite them for a site visit – rather convince them that seeing is believing
  3. Send the best information or share the best information available on the product before the site visit. ( Like awards, testimonials and statistics with more visual than a data – Design exclusive share exclusive snapshots- making a prospect to visit the site.)
  4. Make the Physical site visit engagement rather a rewarding memorable experience
  5. Understand the clients wish and reason for buying the product clearly- rather than merely a response.
  6. Give the best experience-Absolute welcome, Interactive product explanation, and absolute goodbye –Provide personalized and meaningful engagement instead of being artificial, at any point of touchpoints.
  7. Towards the end clarify for doubts. Ask a conclusive question about the product, and getting backdate and decision.
  8. Ask and Take real feedback – exclusive feedback form.


Don’t you feel tuning up the Best customer engagement and proving the best customer experience is the best way to improve conversions and increase referral sales? Stay tuned for another smart selling approach


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