100 SMART SELLING APPROACH TO RESIDENTIAL SALES- Best Follow up calls for closure

100 SMART SELLING APPROACH TO RESIDENTIAL SALES- Best Follow up  calls for closure

Smart selling approach- 11

Best Follow up calls for closure

To Follow- while you follow-up  Prospects.

The follow-up call is more important than a cold call.

The frequent mistake most of the members of the sales do make is not confirming the date and time for a follow-up call.

When should I call you? What time will be the best time to call you? – simple questions which can be placed when the prospect visits your site or when he or she is in face to face with you, becomes essential for a good follow up.

At the same time, casual communication from prospects like call me in a couple of days or send me a proposal in a week or I will call you later reflects vague answers and puts the sales member with a longer waiting period, unnecessary calls on follow up of the prospects. The essence is we don’t accept these vague answers from prospects. Instead, put a straight and polite question back to prospects like Sir can I be more clear what day and time should I call you.? There is nothing wrong with making things simple with the prospect. Let everyone understand we are in Business and time is valuable for both of us. So be cool to make things clear and this is the best point in placing a perfect follow up process.

Getting the “specific date and specific time or specific time slot’ From your prospect, every time when you talk to your prospect.

you win when you get this from your prospect.

The contrary is true that when the prospect is partially inclined or he wants to get out of the scenario, he may not be specific.

Unfortunately with due respect the Indian prospects, if not all of them, maybe some of them do not like to say “I am not interested”.

It’s better, we need not waste time with them.

We can definitely avoid this by asking a simple question of checking the date and time to call the prospect.

I have seen a lot of sales team members have done a good site visit but unable to catch the prospects or follow the prospects amidst innumerable follow-ups, with calls not being answered ( RNR) or their SMS or WhatsApp messages are seen and not replied to.

Even a responding prospect has sometimes do not return the call and this puts the sales team member in frustration.

If this happens for a cold call, we can understand it does not affect much on the prospect funnel.. But sometimes it happens for a prospect who has visited the site, and the salesman could have spent a constructive two to three hours at the site and you are unable to progress the sales process with him in your follow-ups.

Of course, if a prospect has an attitude not to attend your call, you will not able to help or do anything better.

It is your mistake – if this is because you have not informed him  either directly or indirectly or  have not found out when  is the next follow up call

A follow-up call creates all the nuisance value if the same is not done in style. When this is done perfectly it saves your time and allows you to remain calm and systematic before you reach your Booking stage.

Best follow up calls for closure – Two modes

In the real estate scenario, there are two important follow-up modes.

  • Follow up call to invite the prospect to a site visit,
  • Follow up call to ask for a Booking after the site visit

In fact, the follow-up calls are important they make the progress of a sales transaction from enquiry to site visit to Booking.

There are some common incidents wherein the members of the sales realize a follow-up or an enquiry did continuously becomes dead suddenly. The same enquiry may reappear from Blue even after a year, and the gift of Booking may happen on the same day.

Now let’s consolidate some tips to do the follow-up so that we set a trend for a perfect follows up.

Response to enquiry &  the first call &  -3 hours should be the response time( Max-Industry standards) for an enquiry to be responded from the time it is received by the Organization. As many times we get the source of an enquiry being received from different media, the time to respond varies and becomes a challenge. The desk handling the inbound calls/leads should consider this as critical and respond by mail with a ‘thanks note’ to the prospect even before the enquiry is served to the sales member.  Nevertheless, an enquiry that needs to be touch based on the same day will be considered as the best response served from the Prospect viewpoint. Any delay beyond this will become a loss of revenue and will exhibit an Inactive response system.

The first time you communicate( sales members ) – a to one -Phone call followed by a mail is preferred or a mail followed immediately by a call. Out of the two, the first one is better.

How many times you follow up– There is no standard rule – But the Industry believes in a minimum of 7 to 8 times of contact gives results or results in Decisions. After all, being Persistence pays Different time slots to be attempted,  if there is a continuous RNR.

Best follow up calls for closure – What needs to be avoided

Avoid opening statements which are run of the mill or Boring

I called you to check up on your decision.

I called you to find out did you get my email and project details/cost sheet

I wanted to check if everything is ok or do you have any other doubts?

This kind of questions will really make the prospect think you are one more sales, junk member. Try Differentiating your talk, by any other means. Build by talking in a fashion where you create equity with the prospect. You may give him a piece of information about competition ad, there is nothing wrong. But the statement has to be different.

In what Intervals to follow up-for any warm/Hot prospects -Normally 12 hours or the next day if nothing is told from the prospect. Otherwise as per Prospects inputs.

What you talk about every time in follow up call Don’t talk the same stuff or pitch for the Booking until you understand it is time for asking a Booking. If your follow up is for conversion after visit then talk about value addition. You may diplomatically add new news Or a value addition ( a casual insight , a specific advantage about your prospect, a small story- You may start by “Sir- I forgot to mention you on the other day, Or have you seen on our website Or it is interesting for your son/Daughter” etc, and introduce the information )  about your project every time you make a call. This will make the conversation interesting.

we will be exploring more on this in our next blog stay tuned for an effective follow-up strategy. stay tuned Bye.

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