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Powerful Sales call planning

Residential sales – Smart selling-15- How do you prevent the hang-up of phones by prospects? 

In the last blog, Refer to the link for a recaphttps://www.digikabali.com/2021/05/13/best-way-to-contact-your-leads/ we have discussed the ground rules of calling the prospect thru the Telephone. Many times for a sales guy reaching out and making a contact over the phone becomes the most challenging job.

It is important to understand is there any proven method to reach out to the prospects through telephone. When I say proven, is there a technique to follow, time to call prospects, content to communicate so that you may succeed in your call response.

Best Sales call planning

Situations faced in sales call planning

  • Prospect is rude, prospect hangs the phone abruptly.
  • He/she cannot understand what really the prospect wants after the completion of his first call.
  • Is he a fit prospect for the product, what is his first response towards the call or product? Not able to judge. I am confused.
  • Why the prospect did not respond well in the call?
  • Prospect is rude, and not willing to listen to my information?

Best Sales call planning

(The status of mind of sales guys in sales call planning)

Best Sales call planning

Sometimes the sales guys also feel that they have done a mistake of telling something which was not warranted as the sales prospect has abruptly hung the call or responds coldly on the telephone. This is exactly the reason we need to do the sales call planning.

Also when we do the sales call planning, we are clear on what we need to communicate.

Why do all these happen? Is there a foolproof technique to avoid hang-ups or indifferent response–while you converse with the prospects over the phone 1st time or maybe 2nd time? (Or maybe and until you have become familiar)

Of course, there is no fixed formula for this. But there are common reasons for hanging up your call. Obviously, it is because of certain silly mistakes most of us do without realizing it.

90% of the time, this may not be deliberate.

Best Sales call planning

(Mistakes that we can avoid in sales call planning)

Let us understand what these silly mistakes are and how we can avoid them.

  • Sales call planning & Introduction: You may introduce yourself beautifully but forget to ask–Is this the right time to call or speak. The prospect may be busy in the time you had called and would have become irritated and will hang up, simply because you have barged in and started starting your sales talk.
  • Sales call planning & Tone of your voice: Sounding very rough in your voice or calling from a place where your signal is weak and not audible. When the prospect cannot hear your voice clearly, he loses patience and does not want to shout over the phone. Sometimes not understanding the technicalities, you may make a second call from the same location and irritate him. Always switch your call from your mobile phone to landline and make a try, or send him an SMS that the signal is weak and you will call him from a landline.
  • Sales call planning & casual approach: Trying to use casual languages or improper salutation (Hi) or using American slang or unwanted styles in your first call. Most of us expect proper introduction and official addressing like sir, Mr., etc. in the Indian scenario especially when we enquire for the prospect for the first time. When we do this casually and show off or sound casual or close in the first call, it makes the context slightly defocused. The unusual familiarity leads to anger and the prospect feels you are taking advantage and you may exploit him in the future. The result will cut off the phone immediately. Always use polite salutations and show a natural flavor. Do not be over smart or artificial.
  • Sales call planning and routine, noninteresting talk: Using a robotic and recorded or scripted speech–Many times prospect hate this kind of speech and will slam the phone or disconnect. Never use this style of speech. Be unscripted and give a flavor of spontaneity in your conversation.
  • Sales call planning and listening: One-sided conversation and not trying to listen or be interactive- Prospects like to know basic things before you pitch your product deep, like where is the location, when is the delivery, or maybe I heard some good/ bad things about your project. Many sales guys do not make a straight answer but will try to give a marketing talk and will take him for a merry go around. If you take a route like, I am sure whatever may be your intentions, the prospect at the other end will slam the phone. Because the prospect is looking for a straight answer. Similarly, when the prospect wants to talk to you for whatever reasons, please allow or listen to him by nodding and say ok, yes, understood, etc. Not listening or not allowing him/her to talk or talking in between his/her talk will irritate the prospect and will make your conversation break off.
  • Sales call planning & follow-up calls: Giving a long gap between your first call and second call or follow-ups is not advisable. While you are attempting to speak to your prospects for follow-ups, you need to be consistent on follow-up on periodic intervals and also be persistent. Mostly your regular attempts in reaching him give a suitable response. The average hit ratio will be 10 to 12 attempts to reach your prospect over the phone. Sales guys many times call 2 or 3 times and say he is not picking up or RNR. The time slot needs to be different every time when you cannot reach the prospect. Calling sometimes at the same time may give you an RNR. It is always persistence that wins. Similarly, when you give a long gap between your first introduction and second introduction, the prospect becomes unhappy with your follow-up and does not attend your call next time.
  • Sales call planning and Busy prospects: When the prospect hangs the phone abruptly, do not get upset at all. After all, all sales members have to be thick-skinned. But any unsolicited call, we are into spamming. So what you need to understand is, are you doing a spam caller? Never assume that the prospect is disconnecting the call because he does not want you to call. Sometimes it may be an accident, but he is still eager to speak to you. Please call him up again say–sorry we have lost the connection. Never assume. This time, if the prospect is really not interested in speaking to you, he will say I am not interested. This solves your anxiety.

So, use the above principles and try your tele calling off your prospects. Share with me your feedback. maybe you come across a novel experience, share with me in my blog or in my Facebook page. We will discuss more this. My apologies for the long gap as I was setting up my blog infrastructure and technical glitches. Hopefully, you can see my blogs coming frequently henceforth.  You can also read for an update of knowledge on your best sales call planning in the below link.,https://snov.io/glossary/sales-call/ 

What content do you speak in the telecall which will make the prospect listen to you? We will see in the forthcoming discussions.

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