100 SMART SELLING APPROACH TO RESIDENTIAL SALES – How to start a Powerful sales call

How to start a Powerful sales call

Magic call leading you to sales conversions

Smart selling approach-16


How to make a sales call

Magic call leading you to Sales conversion is the First Telephonic call starting sales conversions is the most important call, as always the first impression is the best impression. Here, How do you serve the lead, Hot or cold?

You will wonder what is Serving hot and not cold before you start sales your call which may lead you to sales conversions or May not also.

But if you make the best first call, it is more likely that the conversation will continue and maybe the few follow up calls, the prospect may convert

Let me get you an introduction before you go to today’s blog. Or explain to you what is serving hot and not cold.

How to start a Powerful sales call


when do you ask me a How a powerful sales call? It is the first call and Magic call leading you to sales conversion- concept

When we rewind, small basics- a fast read without wasting your time., and before we get into starting a sales conversion. Everything starts with a telephonic call. Especially in Indian Real estate sales. If you need to have effective sales conversions, then we need to make an effective call after we receive the lead.

The quality of your telephonic call decides the quality of your sales conversions. Even though sales conversions follow several steps from the receipt of the lead.

Normally in real estate sales, the sales conversion takes a minimum of two to three months’ time.

How to start a Powerful sales call

Magic call leading you to sales conversion- The process

Residential sales conversions- How do you make the first call?

How do you normally make a telephone call for conversing with your lead contact?

  • I received the lead from the marketing desk / Prospect management desk.
  • Details like Name of the person, contact number & the email id, interest for a particular product are available
  • There is a response time to call back the lead
  • Tele-calling starts.
  • Or sales member fixes a time, or email about a product as an introduction.


How to start a Powerful sales call

Magic call leading you to sales conversions

(The common mistake in Residential sales initial calls)

This is precisely 90% of the sales guys’ practice. But what you need to understand here is slightly a fresh approach. (Or a smart selling approach) Let me give you an intro on this again, taking our discussions systematically

The most important aspect of any sales touchpoint is understanding the profile of the customer /prospect.

Do you agree with me, that understanding the customer profile will give you an edge?

If you say YES–You are in line with me and you are going to understand what really surprises the prospect.

Yes, it is magic, and your call will make the prospect come closer to you- provided you agree on the above concept strongly.

In fact, the company marketing strategy should start with understanding the customer profile and arriving at what is the profile of the customers to be targeted and How to market our product?

When you plan ads for Residential sales, the powerful advertisements result in a considerable number of leads and how to write or design effective advertisements which can lead to better leads. Please read here 

But many companies struggle to understand their target clients or group, as this requires data research on the market, buying behavior, need, affordability, and overall economic scenario, which is macro.

If a company is successful in identifying them, with today’s technology it becomes a smart job in providing more to closer targeted leads. The lead creation cost becomes less; the sales guys do not waste time in attending irrelevant and out-of-target leads.

Most marketers do not give a closer look at this subject.

You may wonder, yes this does not happen–But is there a way out.

Yes, there is a way out.

How to start a Powerful sales call

Magic call leading you  to sales conversions

( Effective way to do this )

How to make a sales call

In residential sales, every prospect is different hence If you develop a matrix to understand your customer or prospect and profile him before you make a call, then your job becomes smarter.

sometimes we need to attend a non-relevant lead, but the lead we need to check today before we just make a call to introduce our product, or begin a sales call over the telephone.

This is exactly what I meant by serving hot and not cold.

With groundbreaking technology around you, cold calling is dying and is not being recommended.

In the Digital world, getting your data and research on data is relatively simple.

With so many Business research tools available and social media platforms being knocked by every one of us. The prospect is not an exception to this.

How to start a Powerful sales call- Do your research about the prospect

The first move for anyone to search is obviously Google, and I am sure the data about your prospect is also available in this.

Approaching a prospect with no preparation or research is a foolish approach in today’s digital world.

The smart approach will be to search for the lead credential in the Digital resources available at your fingertips.

What you really get, at least reasonable information on Facebook, linked in, in case the prospect is moderately tech-savvy or employed. We can check through different social media handles, more information on his current status to get a reasonably good idea.

This may lead to a lot of secondary information about his company profile, occupation, age, education records, etc.

Yes, you may say if none of this information is available before you make a call, I am sure you should ask for this information on yourself developing familiarity on the call. But this is a must.

When you make a call with a small Research done and make him aware in your introduction.

How to start a Powerful sales call

 (few examples)

Sir- I read your profile, and sounds interesting–MAYBE YOU CAN START THE CALL WITH A REAL BANG.

Sir- You are the right person for the product–Give him a surprise, if he asks you back Why?–then It becomes a perfect engagement in the first call.

You make the prospect feel that they are essential, and you have really tried to understand the profile and fitment for his need.

By research–Most of the prospects today feel proud of this approach.

The simple reason being we are living in a digital world wherein collecting information about a lead is power, response time to the lead is a catalyst, and immediate gratification for the same from the lead contact is the customer’s expectation.

So Don’t call him or serve him COLD but approach the call with Recent information, by researching about the prospect.

How to start a Powerful sales call- Conclusion

This is a behavioral approach to be followed by all sales guys in today’s modern selling approach. Trust you find this as one of the smart ways to make a Telecast, and I am sure you will say this is a magic call that has given me a better engagement with the prospect and taken you nearer to conversion.

What if you don’t have any information about a prospect or a lead and it forces us to make a call? But it leaves us with an email ID–Maybe a situation?

To find out, How to approach this prospect? Stay tuned for the next smart ways to approach.

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